Classical Painting Wed 6:30-9:30pm or Thurs 10am - 1pm

Fine Art Classes at Kline Academy
Fine Art Classes at Kline Academy
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Classical Painting Workshop
Instructors: Cheryl Kline

Wednesdays 6:30-9:30pm or Thursdays 10am-1pm
$260 for 4 week session (This class has no drop-in option)

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Explore many styles as you develop your work from, palette knife paintings, to landscapes, still lifes and images that move you in some way as you continue to use and apply the principles that you learned in your initial exercises. Intermediate to advanced levels.

What you will learn

Renaissance Painting Techniques

Monochromatic studies

Learn a method of deconstructing a painting

How to apply color & how to mix paint

Using mediums

Glazing Secrets

Live Demonstrations

Personalized Instruction

I can't tell you how many students come to me who have had years of art school, have never been "taught" how to paint! But their frustration ends at our front door! Whenever an Artist speaks about a "linage" of instruction, it is a proud declaration of where their knowledge came from. Ours is a fusion of Northern European, Classical Italian and California Impressionism. With this background we can hone in on an individual's choice of style once foundations in painting are achieved.

The first “initiation” exercise that students in this class must accomplish is our Compass Rose exercise. This exercise teaches the student first, basic skills for blending, glazing etc. the Zorn palette of colors and then introduces the student to a new way of “seeing.”

The second exercise is a tradition that has been practiced for centuries.. copying old master paintings. It’s as if Di Vinci himself were sitting on your shoulder and speaking to you, revealing his secrets from centuries past...and is now your teacher ...and all you have to do is listen. Copying got a bad wrap in the last century because it became synonymous with “cheating.” I assure you that it is not! Try to copy the Mona Lisa or any Carravagio. It is one of the most incredible learning experiences. To this day when in a european museum you will see a student with easel “copying” an old master. After a series of copies, I encourage students to explore many other styles. Palette knife paintings, landscapes, still lifes and to explore images that move them in some way but to continue to use and apply the principles that they have learned in their previous exercises.

Cheryl Kline Founder and Owner of the Academy is a working artist who is in collections around the world.. She won an Honorable mention from the Portrait Society of America and is a classical realist painter. She studied with noted artist Jan Saether at The Bruchion School of Realist Art and at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Kline has a Bachelors Degree in Commercial Art from Woodbury University.

Highlights of Kline’s career to date have been; a solo show at the Discovery Museum in Connecticut, acceptance into the Royal Academy of Art’s summer Exhibition in London, and in 2008 she won an Award of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America. Her work is in collections around the world. She currently has just authored a book on portrait painting techniques "A Treatise on Portrait Painting."

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