Radix Alexandria Preview Event (APE RADIX)


For the inaugural NYC DeFi Meetup, organized by Sovren Ventures, we are proud to partner with Radix DLT.

Radix presents a half-day event – virtual and in-person in NYC – to talk about our roadmap to remake global finance with DeFi on Radix! For developers, APE Radix will also include the very first preview of our exciting Alexandria release coming at the end of this year.

The event will have two parts: a keynote session followed by a workshop session. Oh, and a complimentary lunch between the two!

Keynote session: intended for anyone interested in Radix.

A two-part keynote presentation provides a view on Radix’s product vision and step-by-step release strategy to give builders everything they need to obsolete traditional finance and replace it with a highly competitive network of thousands of user-first DeFi apps and assets.

Introduction - Piers Ridyard, CEO Radix DLT
Product Vision & Strategy - Matthew Hine, CPO Radix DLT

For those not able to attend, we will be live streaming the keynote presentations.

Complimentary lunch and open Q&A session

Workshop session: for developers of any skill level

We will provide the very first preview of our upcoming Alexandria release where community developers will experience a new way of building DeFi apps using Radix Engine and our new asset-oriented smart contract language, Scrypto.

Bring your development laptop because attendees will have a chance to work with members of the Radix technology team to write their first Scrypto code using an early pre-release version of the compiler and local simulation environment that will be delivered with Alexandria.
For developers not able to attend, remote call-in will be provided.

Introduction to Scrypto - Russell Harvey, CTO Radix DLT

Workshop: Write your first Scrypto smart contract “blueprints”

An updated link will soon be provided here to access the virtual feed of the event, prior to the event start.

Developers: Please use this link to join the Radix Discord #scrypto channel (where developer feedback will be captured after the event): https://discord.gg/radixdlt
Please use this link to join the Radix Telegram developer channel: https://t.me/RadixDevelopers

And please use this link to join the Sovren Ventures Discord Server, where you can connect with other developers and learn about future Sovren sponsored developer meetups / sessions: https://discord.gg/X5kcPV3M

Please note: If you plan to attend in person, please be vaccinated and wear a suitable mask.

COVID-19 safety measures

Masks required
COVID 19 vaccination required
Event will be indoors

Safety measures instituted by event host. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring that precautions are followed.