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Humanism at the Hub--Presentations, videos, discussions
Welcome to HatH—Humanism at the Hub. This is a meetup group which is modeled after the successful Humanist Perspectives program of the Jefferson Humanists in Golden. It is also an extension of the Humanists of Colorado. Humanism at the Hub, the Secular hub, and Humanists of Colorado are all chapters of the American Humanist Association. This group will feature presentations by the hosts or guest speakers, videos, discussion topics, and other formats intended to expand our understanding of humanism, how it differs from other worldviews, and how it relates to current issues. Humanist video shorts featuring top names in the secular world (e.g. Seth Andrews, host of the Thinking Atheist podcast, Aron Ra, Matt Dillahunty) will be shown followed by discussions. We'll also do a semi-regular segment called Journey to Humanism where anyone can tell their story of how they discovered Humanism. Did the journey start with a religious background? Were you always non-religious? Did you go through periods of doubt, confusion, questioning, agnosticism, atheism, etc. before reaching humanism? Or are you still undecided about whether to call yourself a humanist? Snacks and beverages will be available. We will include time for participants to socialize and get acquainted, in keeping with the chapter's goals of building community.

Secular Hub

3100 Downing #C · Denver, CO