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May (Note: Third Sunday, not Second): Susan Epperson

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The HOC is pleased to present Susan Epperson and the remarkable story of Epperson v. Arkansas (and the long-overdue vindication of John Scopes) at its May meeting.

The infamous Scopes “Monkey Trial” was held in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925. John Scopes, a high school science teacher, was arrested and tried for teaching biological evolution in his classroom, but the merits of that case never made it past the trial court level. By the 1960’s a few states still had laws on the books which made it a misdemeanor to teach the science of evolution in the public schools.

Enter Susan Epperson

Susan Epperson obtained her master's degree in zoology in 1964, and later that year took a position as a 10th grade biology teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1965 she was asked to be the plaintiff in a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of Arkansas’ 1928 anti-evolution law. It was Ms. Epperson’s case that, some three years later, made it to the U.S. Supreme Court which finally declared such state laws unconstitutional. Hear the story from Epperson herself! (Currently Ms. Epperson teaches biology and chemistry at the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs.)

Venue Instructions: Parking is available on the side of the building, on the street, in the lot across the alley, and in the lot across 31st street. Please do not park directly behind the building, under the stairway to the upstairs apartments.

Potluck dinner at 6 pm. Program at 7 pm. Potluck instructions are based upon the first letter of the last name. Please do not bring drinks for the potluck. Drinks will be available as concessions, so bring a few extra dollars for some soda or coffee.

A-B) Side Dish or Salad
C-D) Side Dish, Bread or Chips
E-J) Dessert
K-R) Main Dish
S-Z) Main Dish

After hours: 9:00 - ? We will walk across the street to a bar/restaurant, "Eden", to discuss the evening's program.