Ethics Discussion Group

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Larpenteur Estates

1276 Larpenteur Ave W · St Paul, MN

How to find us

We meet in the Party Room. Park in the rear of the complex & walk to the gap between buildings near the East end. A sign will point you to the party room. Note: There is no phone in the party room; so call system in main entrance cannot be used.

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In this our third session, the group has decided to focus on a line of ethical reasoning that does not require supernatural gods, Utilitarianism.
We'll discuss the basic concepts of Utilitarianism. To prepare, please watch the brisk 10-minute video,

Utilitarianism, an ethical theory first developed by British philosophers Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill, decides the moral value of actions based on their consequences in peoples’ lives. The correct action, according to Utilitarians, is the one that results in the greatest good for the greatest number.

In the last session, we discussed the lines of ethical reasoning that the atheist conclusion forces us to reject, Divine Command Theory and Natural Law Theory.