CHAPTER MEETING: Driving the Green New Deal with Greg Laden and Phillip Adam

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Minnesota Humanities Center

987 Ivy Ave E · St Paul, MN

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Please note: We're at a different location this month. We are in St. Paul, not Mpls. -- at a lovely venue near Lake Phalen. Ample parking.

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Celebrate Earth Day with two climate change activists and electric car enthusiasts! What if the citizens of Minnesota spent $1.2 billion per year for the electricity for their transportation instead of $ 7.5 -- 9 billion per year for gas? What happens to MN GDP? What happens when we throw the refinery away? How many new electric power plants are required for this transition? The answer is ZERO.

Our existing power system is adequately sized for this transition. Now let's take it to the next step. How many windmills are needed to power all of our cars? Turns out only 2 to 3,000 are required. The Green New Deal is not that radical.

Bonus: for some real-world perspective on what going electric could look like for us, bring an estimate of your yearly home electricity energy consumption, (not $), the number of miles you drive a year, and your mpg. Personal information will be kept anonymous, but we’ll do the numbers together.

Please join us at 3pm for a cup of coffee, welcome and announcements; the presentation begins at 3:15pm and ends around 4:45pm. Then stay to socialize over nibbles and drinks.

Philip Adam is an engineer; a renewable energy and electric car enthusiast – license plate WND PWR. He has over 100,000 miles of EV experience and has had solar panels for over 8 years. Phillip is a member of Northwest Metro Climate Action, Minnesota EV Owners Group, supporter of Fresh Energy, and a board member of his party’s Environmental Caucus.

Greg Laden is trained as an anthropologist, with a combined degree in archaeology and biological anthropology from Harvard University. He has done fieldwork or consulting in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Zaire and South Africa. These days, he teaches now and then, writes a lot (about evolution, climate change, education and politics), and occasionally advises candidates on policy.