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Secular Parenting Group: Midwinter Holiday Traditions

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Due to inclement weather, this event was cancelled. We decided to reschedule to give everyone a chance to join us!

Centuries ago in northern Europe, the Midwinter season was commonly known as “Yule.” Most freethinkers know that this ancient holiday was usurped by Christians, but too often we still let religion define and characterize modern-day celebrations. At this gathering at the Oxboro Library, we will consider what aspects of the older traditions can provide a more authentic and deeper meaning to the season. We will learn some songs, listen to stories and read kid’s poetry together that all focus on the natural world and the joys and challenges of winter. There’ll be activities and crafts to try and ideas to share on how we as secularists can make this season our own in a way that represents humanist values and a naturalist worldview.

Facilitated by Audrey Kingstrom, Community Coordinator for the Humanists of MN.

Let me know if you can bring a favorite holiday treat to share or would like to help with a craft. And, the goal is to be as intergenerational as possible.