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Documentary & Discussion: WAR ON WHISTLEBLOWERS

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Without whistleblowers in government or private industry, the American public might not have known about the Watergate scandal. We might never have discovered that multiple presidential administrations had lied about the Vietnam War. Or that Big Tobacco knew cigarettes contained harmful carcinogens even as they continued to manufacture and market them. Whistleblowers are compelled to speak out against waste, fraud and abuse. They deliver transparency and accountability in an age of state secrets, billion-dollar contracts and unprecedented collusion between private and public entities.

In War on Whistleblowers, Brave New Foundation tells the story of four whistleblowers, including Thomas Tamm, who revealed improper wiretapping of Americans’ telecommunications, and Pentagon whistleblower Franz Gayl, whose recommendation for proper equipment to avoid roadside bomb fatalities in Iraq was initially ignored. Through their experiences, we discover that the Obama Administration has been marked by an unprecedented campaign of prosecution against those who try to reveal wrongdoing both within and outside of government. The administration’s use of the Espionage Act to pursue eight whistleblowers has in fact created a dangerous climate of intimidation and retribution, not only for the whistleblowers themselves, but also for the reporters who break their stories.

Following the movie, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, a local whistleblower and author, will speak for a few minutes and then we'll have an open discussion.

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