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Atheist Activism, Reason Rally Reunion and Fun Time

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As many of you know I, Don Wharton, put a lot of time and energy into documenting that the vast majority of secularists who could be organized now self-identify as atheists. There is a significant minority withing WASH which supported negative notions in regard to atheists which could not be supported by any evidence or reason. They took action against my planning direction. However, I had majority support on the WASH Bard of Directors and I am convinced that my views continue to have majority support among WASH members. My intention is to create an organization by atheists, for atheists with a sensibility more in tune with the younger more activist approach favored by atheists. There is no reason for that ATHEIST group to not also be a WASH Chapter. This notion has the full support of Mike Reid. WASH members who support this option will have the opportunity to sign an organizing petition for a new DC Atheist chapter. The rest of this announcement was previously posted on the DC Atheist Meetup.

This will be largely a chance for members of our heathen community to meet and get to know other non-believers. I am asking people to bring some small amount of food or drink to share with others. I ask for people to do this with my discussion groups and it adds a lot to the quality of group interaction.

I do intend to talk briefly about how we can create a wider sense of community and hopefully a wave of change which would make visible differences in our region. I want to suggest that a small handful of people willing to devote a few hours per week to the secular cause could see their efforts make a big regional difference. Much of Europe has transitioned to a majority secular world view. Recent polls suggest that America is on the cusp of a similar transition.

I had the pleasure of managing the Reason Rally store operation this last March. It was a technologically demanding task. I was profoundly comfortable that that the job could be done because I knew the how richly talented our secular community was. I knew that all we needed to do was put together a team of talented people who understood the complexity of the task and had the channels of communication to solve problems as they arose in real time. We put that team together and they responded magnificently. I will be inviting the members of that team to use this meeting as an opportunity for a mini-reunion of that wonderful event.

I have discovered that a significant minority of humanists don't like atheism as a label. Recent a humanist said to me, “You know that there are atheists who just get together to have fun.” This was taken to prove that atheism by itself (without humanism and deep philosophical discussions on ethics) was a no good, bad, awful thing. I respectfully differ. I call fun vitamin F. Fun is as needed in our lives as anything we eat for nutrition. If you don't have a lot of fun in your life you are doing something wrong. I want us to have fun at this meeting and I fully intend to keep my activism comments relatively short for that reason.

Find us in the first floor Auditorium near the Newark and Connecticut library entrance.