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Most of us have read Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens and Dennett. These authors are impressive, but by far not the first. Humanists and other Freethinkers are heir to a special legacy of robust and dynamic thought and literature. On the first Tuesday of each month we get together to examine a classic work from the diverse field of Freethought.

You don’t need to have already read the book, but it helps. We put together a comprehensive presentation on each of the works so that everyone who shows up gets to discuss the book - but we recommend that you read each one in order to get the most out of the discussion, and because it gives you more to share.

We strive to make these books as convenient and affordable as possible. For each session there will be an Amazon link to the material, and often links to free online pdf files.

Email us for questions, comments, and concerns: [masked]

We look forward to sharing ideas with you!