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    Retired Navy (24 years), married w/ four beautiful kids, Humanist Celebrant.
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    Hi! My name's Chris. I'm 26, and I lived in St. Louis, MO, until I joined the Navy over 3 years ago. I reported to the USS Carl Vinson, which is stationed at Coronado, in May 2012. This is a fantastic group, and I'm proud to be one of its leaders!
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    I'm over myself, somewhat. I don't aspire to be more than human, but I want to live a full life, and I like people.
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    I graduated from Azusa Pacific College with a BA in Theology. The events of my life lead me to consider the the current discussions of Atheist and Skeptics and I was duly impressed. My focus these days is on politics and current events.
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    Happy Humanist