Pride: Separating Sin from Success and finding Health in Humility

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Fujitsu meeting room

1240 Arques Avenue · Sunnyvale, ca

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Fujitsu is at 1240 Arques Ave, near Lawrence & Central in Sunnyvale. Look for the entrance with 3 flag poles in front of it. Once inside, go to the room immediately behind the reception desk. If you arrive late, you'll see our # posted on the door

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In conjunction with the Humanist Community, South Bay Philosophy & Critical Thinking is proud to announce a new topic for the 2nd Thursday in July. This month, they'll be discussing:

Pride: Separating Sin from Success and finding Health in Humility

How do you define Pride? How do you identify it? Can you name any examples?
Are Pride and Ego separate and distinct, or are they the same? How?
What do philosophers have to say about Pride? Religions? Do you see people following their ideas? Violating them?
When can Pride be considered either sinful or pathological? How does emotion fit into this question?
How do you define Humility? Can you name any examples?
Should human ego be the main driving force behind policy or ethics? Where/when? Why/why not?
How do Pride and Humility manifest in your life? Can they both refer to the same thing?
When is Pride dangerous? What is its opposite?

Pride (Wikipedia page)

Websters defines pride as
pride noun
\ ˈprīd \
1 : the quality or state of being proud: such as
a : inordinate self-esteem : CONCEIT
b : a reasonable or justifiable self-respect
c : delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship
parental pride
2 : proud or disdainful behavior or treatment : DISDAIN
3a : ostentatious display
b : highest pitch : PRIME
4 : a source of pride : the best in a group or class
5 : a company of lions
6 : a showy or impressive group
a pride of dancers
pride verb
prided; priding

transitive verb
: to indulge (oneself) in pride —now usually used in the phrase pride oneself on to describe taking pride in some ability, quality, etc.
She was a girl who prided herself on her carefully blasé and supercilious attitude towards life.

So get your thinking caps on, and plan to exercise your thinking skills with other critical thinkers. We look forward to seeing you on the 11th!

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