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    My intellectual interests are very broad, including history, philosophy, literature and of course, science and technolgy. I have a PhD in genetics and have worked many years in the biotech industry.
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    I am here to seek answers, and then question those answers.
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    I am Michael McCarron and I am a supporter of Secular causes. I enjoy going to conferences
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    Sunday Assembler and Humanist.
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    Smooth seas do not skillful sailors make.
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    President of SDARI, Secular Organizer, Event Host
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    Hi everyone! Just a little about myself, I am a Philosophy and Theology student at USD. Hope to meet most of you at an upcoming event!
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    Secretary of HFSD
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    As a kid I knew all the Greek/Roman and Norse gods before I ever heard of the Christian God. I'm not completely anti-religion, only the stupid stuff. History is my biggest interest.
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    "Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity."
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    I've been a Freethinker and Secular Humanist for many years. I am proud to be Vice President of HFSD.
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    I believe it's one time through as me and I need to make it count for something. That means I'm obliged to pursue what brings me joy and see what I can do about helping others be glad they're alive, too.
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    I am a retired Board member of the Fellowship
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    Board Member of the American Humanist Association, President of the Humanist Society, Vice President of the Humanist Fellowship of San Diego, and local director of San Diego Coalition of Reason.