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Science Discussion: an on-going series of discussion groups focused upon science and utilizing the scientific perspective (naturalism, critical thinking).

Our meeting times have changed: All meetings are now at Friendly House on the third Sunday of each month, after the HGP main program program from 11:30 am-12:55 pm. An on-line version of this program is available to HGP members as a Google Hangout on the Thursday evening preceding this in-person meeting.

Within the scope of group discussions is anything science-related (e.g. philosophy of science, methods of science, things that hinder science, ethical implications of scientific discoveries and spin-off technology, philosophy inspired by science, etc.). When the subject of discussions are problems (of individuals or society), the intent is to discuss them with a critical, analytical, scientific perspective (objective and unbiased), with more focus upon framing and setting up problems than arriving at solutions. Political discussion is considered outside the scope of the group.

Each meeting includes a review of recent science news and some meetings will feature a special topic (will be noted in comments section when these are scheduled).

Come early, if you like, and enjoy the HGP main program (10am-11:15am), light refreshments, and socializing with like-minded people.

All fees are paid by our HGP sponsors; donations towards the work of HGP are gratefully accepted.

We look forward to seeing you - bring a friend!