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Class on "Logical Fallacies," #5 of 6 (followed by optional lunch)

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Instructor: Bernie Dehler
Price: Free (HGP donations accepted)

(People of all belief systems (theist, atheist, etc.) are encouraged to attend, with the overall tone of the class intended to be unbiased. New people are especially welcome. Attend one or many sessions.)

The Humanists of Greater Portland (HGP) meet at "The Friendly House." This is a class that is open to the general public and follows the main HGP Sunday program. The main program starts at 10 am, and this class starts afterwards, at 11:45 am, in the same room. (No requirement to attend a previous session in this series of 6; join any that you are interested in.)

A part of critical thinking involves recognizing logical fallacies. This course covers 24 of the most popular logical fallacies, four per session over six sessions. The first 15 min. of each class will be an overview of four specific fallacies, followed by about 1 hour of group discussion. Examples of how each fallacy might be used in religious debates (from both atheist and Christian perspectives) is also part of the presentation and discussion.

Why should I study this? How does it matter?

"It matters so that you can differentiate truth from falsity. If you can't differentiate what's true from what's false, then you won't be able to create external conditions in your life that will allow you to flourish. It will also help you to identify what's in your own interest. By doing so, you'll be able to live the Good life." ~Peter Boghossian, Portland State Philosopher Professor

Logical Fallacies, course schedule:

1. Date: Sun. [masked]
Logical Fallacy Topics: Strawman, false cause, appeal to emotion, the fallacy fallacy

2. Date: Sun. [masked]
Logical Fallacy Topics: Slippery slope, ad hominem, tu quoque, personal incredulity

3. Date: Sun. [masked]
Logical Fallacy Topics: Special pleading, loaded question, burden of proof, ambiguity

4. Date: Sun. 2-3-13
Logical Fallacy Topics: The gambler’s fallacy, bandwagon, appeal to authority, composition/division

5. Date: Sun. [masked]
Logical Fallacy Topics: No true Scotsman, genetic, black-or-white, begging the question

6. Date: Sun. [masked]
Logical Fallacy Topics: Appeal to nature, anecdotal, the Texas sharpshooter, middle ground

Class is followed by optional lunch starting at 1:15 pm
I have reserved a space for 8 people (first come, first-serve). The lunch is intended for those who attend the class, to continue our discussion of the material and related issues. More details:
McMenamins Tavern & Pool
1716 NW 23rd Ave,
Portland, OR (503)[masked]
Google Map link:

Class Materials:

1. Free poster of logical fallacies, posted here:

2. Three types of logical reasoning:

Classroom rules of conduct:

1. Give everyone a chance to speak; don’t dominate the discussion.

2. Don’t be judgmental, but rather share your opinion. For example, rather than saying “That is stupid” say “That doesn’t make sense to me because XYZ.”