Winter Camping in the Catskills

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I'll be camping between Hikes. I plan to get into camp after dark, build a small fire to keep warm for a bit, then head to bed. I'll be packing up early the next morning to head to another event.

The group size limit for camping in the Catskills is 9. I will be making this a waitlist only event. First dibs will go to those who are already on the confirmed RSVP list for an HVH hike in the Catskills for Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.

What to Bring:

It is winter and it will be cold. You need a good sleeping bag rated to 10 degrees F or lower. In addition to a sleeping bag, you need a very good sleeping pad. It is important to have insulation between you and the ground. The filling in your sleeping bag that is underneath you will be compressed and provide no insulation. I highly recommend a sleeping pad with an R value of at least 5. (Hint: most closed cell foam pads have a 2.5 R value. If you double them up you will have a combined R value of 5.)

You will also need something to keep the snow and wind off of you while you sleep. Since we're below the tree line, any small 3 season tent should do. You want something with good ventilation so that you don't get soaked in condensation over night. Avoid a big "princess" tent; these don't stand up well with a snow load.

I also ask that all participants bring a small bundle of wood. You can purchase local wood. There are strict regulations on transporting firewood within the State of New York. If you plan to carry wood from home, it must be kiln dried. If you want to see why this is so important, go check out the birch trees in the Adirondacks.