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Breakneck Ridge

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Starchild, 917-613-2043

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It's time again!

Most everyone knows about the Breakneck Ridge climb, you step from the road almost right onto the scramble. Climb up for magnificent views, then climb up higher for more, repeat this again. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

During and on the climb, at the rest stops, I will share a principal or two from Buddhism to reflect on along our climb.

Please use this for directions:

After a shorter loop then usual we will be heading to make a 12 - 1pm lunch with Buddha at the BAUS Monastery in nearby Carmel NY, which is vegan and they ask a $6 donation (last year's pricing, will check), and tour the grounds, also home to the largest (indoor) Buddha statue in the world. It is a interesting and fun place to explore on it's own.

The Hike: There are 2 paths to chose from, both lead to the same destination, in that chose your own way, the way that is right for you: (Easy to remember: All rights at the all trail junction is the shorter loop, all lefts at all trail junctions in the longer loop)

More details:

We will all start out on the same path, making our way up and to view point after view point. And will ascend about 800 ft in about 3/4 of a mile. To a great perch overlooking the Hudson River and Valley.

1: For those who want to go at a slower pace, or who want a shorter hike, this would be the right choice. It is in total 2.5 miles and is all right hand turns, Starting on the Breakneck Ridge White Trail (scramble), Then a right on the Yellow blazed Undercliff Trail another right on the Red blazed Brook Trail, and finally a right on the road, walking back through the tunnel. It will be all right hand turns at the all trail junctions.

2: Those who like to hike at a faster pace will want to chose the second option at 3.5 miles with a total vertical of about 1300. This one is all left turns. Starting on the White blazed Breakneck Ridge Trail, we will be making a left at the Red blazed Breakneck Bypass trail, then a left on the Yellow Wilkinson's Memorial Trail, finally a left on the road back to the lot.

The slower group and faster group does typically get down at about the same time, so we will reconnect there before heading over to the BAUS Monastery for part 2.

Afterwords: Lunch at BAUS Chuang Yen monastery and touring their grounds. The name of the Monastery “Chuang Yen”, means “Majestically Adorned”. The “Adornment” refers to the adornment of the Buddha’s teachings. Highlights include Seven Jewels Lake, Path to Awakening, And the Great Buddha Hall, home to the largest indoor Buddha in his highest ascended form.

Combining Highly spiritual places on a journey, Breakneck Ridge and the Monastery, are very powerful acts in one's life, as the energy transfer also combined with each other. Both draw people to themselves, and people do have moments of enlightenment and self discovery on both. Perhaps they are one in the same, or as the Buddha would say, all is one. Lets find out if Buddha knew what he was saying.

Directions from Breakneck to the monestery can be found here:,-73.9824979/41.4847789,-73.7939279/@41.4524244,-73.9562061,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m4!4m3!1m0!1m0!3e0

Metro North service often available at Breakneck Ridge Station you will have to check if that could be coordinated with our start time. Also post below if you plan on taking the train as we will need to coordinate a way back to a train station from the monastery. To get from the train to the parking area use : Or simply walk to the road, turn right and start walking to the parking lot. Make sure you are in the correct car when getting off the train, only one set of doors on the entire train will be opened here, so ask the conductor.

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