Black Rock Forest Scenic View Loop - Cap'n Chaos Birthday Hike

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Black Rock Forest Scenic View Loop

Let's hike a bunch of the major trails in Black Rock Forest in a 10 mile loop covering most of the scenic views.

We will pass a number of scenic areas, including Hill of Pines, Rattlesnake Hill, Spy Rock, Eagle Cliff, and Jupiter's Boulder, cutting in and out of the loop on some shorter trails to see the scenic views.

The park is very pretty if you have not been there. We will keep a moderate pace (2.5 MPH), stopping as necessary to rest and for pictures. I suggest waterproof boots, since we may cross some swampy areas. The hike is on NYNJTC Map 113.

Organizer: David Klein


Distance 10 Miles

Elevation:[masked] feet (this is just an educated guess)

Dog Policy: No dogs.

Responsibility of all hikers: (YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU)

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Hike Preparation

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