PA Appalachian Trail - Wind Gap to Kittatinny Point

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Kittatinny Point Visitor Center

Worthington State Forest · Dunnfield, NJ

How to find us

Jason: Black Subaru Baja. Cell: 201.310.6346

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Over two days we will backpack 16.8 miles of the 229.6 miles of Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania. We will start at Wind Gap and end on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River.

This is not a beginner event. There will be no sweep. Hikers may have to navigate on their own and should be prepared to do so.

***Please Read the Entire Description before you RSVP.***

RSVP Policy

This event is waiting list only. Everyone will be placed on the waiting list until we have had a chance to communicate. Once we have established that you have appropriate gear and understand what is involved in our trip, I will add you to the going list. The group size limit for camping on the Appalachian Trail is 10.


Meetup: Kittatinny Visitors Center [masked], [masked]).
Start Hiking: Wind Gap:
Camp: Kirkridge Shelter
End Hiking: Kittatinny Visitors Center [masked], [masked]).

Hike Details:

Day 1: 9.2 Miles / 1110 Feet (about 5 hours)

Day 2: 7.6 Miles / 646 Feet (about 4 hours)

Total: 16.8 Miles / 1756 Feet

Hike your Own Hike:

While we will do our best to stay together, not everyone will be comfortable walking the same speed while carrying a full pack. We will most likely break up into small teams. During the day, we will attempt to stay in touch with each other using cell phones at fixed intervals, but service is expected to be spotty. We will camp together at night. Please be prepared with your own map. Please study the map ahead of time and know the route. and bailout points in case you need to get off the trail.

Required Gear

All participants must be prepared with their own minimum equipment for backpacking. You must either bring your own gear or plan ahead to share with someone. Although we will be camping at a shelter site with a privy, please do not plan on having access to these facilities. BE PREPARED.

• Warm Clothing and Rain Gear

• Sleeping Bag rated to 30 Degrees or Cooler

• Sleeping Pad with an R value greater than 3.0

• Tent, Tarp or Ultralight Shelter

• 2-3 Liters of Water

• Water Filter or Purification System

• 2 Days worth of food (about 6000 calories)

• Bear Bag or Bear Canister

• Lightweight Stove (if you plan to cook)

• Map and Compass



You are responsible for bringing appropriate gear, supplies, clothing, first aid, and lights. You should review topographic maps and trail features carefully; understanding topography of any hike is key to your knowing where you are, where you're going, and how to get back.

See suggestions for GEAR on the "About" page for additional gear ideas.


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