Small steps towards Peace: Precursor to the 'Hike for Peace' (self local hike)

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This event is a precursor and a 'offering' to the Hike for Peace event and is a request to 'above' for the Hike for Peace to be able to run, and the horrible situation with COVID 19 to end:

Hike for Peace is on hold but can be viewed here:

Unfortunately do to he situations with COVID 19 our other event, the Hike for Peace, needed to be postponed till it could be run in a way that is responsible. The Hike for Peace in the past has never been without its obstacles, and every year has had challenges. It does confirm to me that this is a powerful hike that does make a difference and is heard. But also it needs to be run properly.

The Hike:
The hike will need to be solo and close to home. Can be any date. It will need to follow all advisories given the COVID 19 situation, including staying indoors and not attending if it is called for. Do not go to popular trailheads where many people are at and risk spreading it, and keep social distance when we do come across people.

The hike itself can be of any distance and any vertical and should include a moment of meditation to let our request go forth. It could be a road walk, or a nearby park or trail, whatever you feel it right, but you need to find the location appropriate to where you live. The intention of this act is to demonstrate responsibility in light of this current situation as a request that we can run the Hike for Peace, and a request to heal this situation.

Signing up would be your intention to participate, after you do the event it is asked you either provide a picture from their hike or a comment that captures this intention.

Expressed in Land Stewardship and LNT is our responsibility to the land, responsibility to its inhabitants (plants and animals) and our responsibility to all other people who will follow our path. In that spirit we approach our small steps toward peace hike, as we humbly request that the COVID19 virus is no longer a threat, that those infected are healed and that the Hike for Peace with it's message of Love can take place.

In this and especially in this challenging time, we want to keep this spirit of responsibility, we want to demonstrate that we are taking the proper appropriate steps to be responsible in our request.

Thank you and be well


Children/teens Welcome: Always


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