April 1 hike, Hike through your home.

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In any other year this would be a typical April fools day hike, but for this year it's unfortunately real and a case that the truth is stranger than fiction. Let's keep us all in thought and prayers especially those infected and suffering.

The Hike: Travel to every room in your home, Don't miss out in the closets. Now for those who live in studio apartments you should be done early and get a early start on lunch, you don't have to wait for the rest of us. Travel into attics and crawl spaces is not required but could be a fun adventure for those daring enough. If a room is not accessible, such as a overstuffed closet or a home sharing situation where your housemate has their private areas/rooms that is not required. Use common sense.

Hike will run rain or shine.

Remember to bring the floor plan layout of your home along with a compass to avoid getting lost. If you do get lost a device that can connect to your home WiFi should be also carried and you can post to social media for assistance. If it becomes needed to call for assistance, please say loud and clear 'Alexa play a song', then just follow the sound of the music back to safety. Bring appropriate clothes, the temperature in multi level homes can vary quite a bit from floor to floor, basements can be cold and damp, and sometimes harbor some native wildlife. Don't miss out in the photo opps.

Don't neglect trail maintenance, it's important to all those who come later. If there is a trip hazard, move it aside by placing it in the appropriate location.

Be Well