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What we’re about

Join other programmers in the Hudson Valley for a leisurely dinner and informal networking. Recent attendees are of wide-ranging experience, from beginning programmers looking for advice, to veteran programmers, to tech-startup entrepreneurs, to retired senior programmers. Recent attendees have wide-ranging interests, from HTML/CSS/javascript and Excel macros to advanced search algorithms and hard-core object-oriented C++. Discussions have included the merits of various software development methodologies and languages, to the latest security scandal. A running joke is that no meetup is complete until someone mentions the blockchain. We are always interested to hear about your problems, your passions, your projects, and your puzzles.

Don't want dinner? Just order a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, or even just a glass of water.

Normal Schedule: 7:00 PM on the last Tuesday of every month.

RSVP: Our meetings tend to be small. Prospective attendees are encouraged to register in advance at That way, we can arrange for everyone to be seated comfortably.