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Talking to Strangers! Get in Conversation with Anyone & Create Deep Connections!

Brisbane Square Library - Community Meeting Room

Are you struggling to connect with people you don’t know? Does it always feel uncomfortable when you are out on dates or talking to your boss or colleagues at work? Maybe being confident is easy for you but this time, you are looking to increase your conversation skills and environment in 2019… Remember, It’s a skill to be able to connect with absolutely anyone!! If you think you’re all sorted in that area, wouldn’t it be amazing to take it up a notch for more deep and meaningful relationships?! • How many times have you missed out on your social life because you’re uncomfortable with starting or joining conversations? • Have you have been single for ages and want to start meeting new people? Or if you are in a relationship, are you looking at communicating effectively with your partner to improve your relationship? • Do you keep holding yourself back in exploring or going on adventures out of fear of meeting total strangers and having nothing to say? In an age when most people got their heads buried in their tablets and earbuds, when people stare at their phone like zombies, there are more reason not to connect with people specially when they’ve been struggling to connect through simple face to face conversations or you may be one of the few who’s pretty confident at talking with people but have limited yourself with so many opportunities. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - Neale Donald Walsh Nobody wants to settle for mediocre relationships. You can have the kind of relationship you desire. You don’t want to end up with nothing because you are shy to go up to that guy or girl to simply say ‘hello’, a simple hello goes a long way. You have the ability to overcome your fear or shyness of talking with people, you can accelerate your career opportunities or get that job that you deserve. Waiting for things to happen doesn’t work, you need to take action, get involve, be out there in the gym or talk to people on how to best pursue your health goals. It may be a little too difficult to overcome at first, but you’ve reached the first step by being here, reading this. So come and join us! Let us discover the secrets in having that pure and genuine connections with people! Meet someone who’s enthusiastic about helping you to discover the joys of talking with strangers. Our speaker is not just an expert on overcoming the inability to speak with strangers, but has coached countless individuals to find their true potential in all areas of life. What do we really find so difficult about talking to strangers? It’s time to find out and break free from it. We build too many walls and not enough bridges - Isaac Newton Learn to quiet that inner mind talk and embrace the social and fearless you! Know that you can start speaking with ANYONE in EVERY situation and be a master communicator!! Put the date in your diary.... do whatever it takes to be there... and if you know someone that could benefit from joining... bring them along... Let's make this the biggest meetup yet!!! Get Moving & RSVP ‘Coming’ Now!! See you there! Melisa Meetup Format Each meetup will be split into two parts. There will be an hour talk, followed by coffee and socialising afterwards. So the schedule will be as follows: 6:45pm to 7:45pm - 1 Hour Talk 7:45pm to 9:00pm - Socialising for Coffee and Drinks Outside The socialising is very important as it gives us time to get to know each other and for embedding the learnings from the hour talk, you can get your questions answered and discuss the meetup with others that also attended. Questions: How much does it cost? This meetup is free so long as you have fun and learn as much as you can! What time does it start? We’ll be starting the meetup at 6:45pm. So make sure you arrive around 6:30pm so you can get a seat.

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