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English NLP Diploma certification Training

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Hypnosis and NLP are very close connected.
Learning more about NLP also means learning about Hypnosis...

For the first time in Zürich:
English NLP Diploma certification Training

Over 2 years ago I started this NLP Meetup Group. Since that time I was asked over a dozen time: “Can you recommend a English NLP certification Training?” I never could because there was no English NLP Training in the german part of switzerland. For the first time now, I have a great offer for the members of this meetup-group only.

The Facts

• 4 days English NLP training, 30 hours

• NLP Mastertrainer with 10 years NLP and 5 years Training experience

International Certificate «NLP Diploma» from the worldwide NLP Trainer Association ( in high standard NLP Training.

A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 18 participants
01./[masked] and 29./[masked] (2 Weekends in March) at SAH Zürich

Investment (Training incl. Certificate and concentrated documentation): 550.-

What is this Training all about?
NLP is one of the most growing and most effective models in communication and short term coaching. Since 35 years, NLP combines techniques, presuppositions and Skills to perform amazing results in communication, self-managment, soft skills, coaching or therapy. In professional life as well as in private, NLP can help to improve your performance, skills, happiness and life quality.
The 4 day training is designed to give you the first deep impression and the fundamentals of what NLP can be used in your life.
If you have wondered, how effective NLP is and wanted to try out a few of the best communication techniques? Or you like to get fundamentals of how to improve your life? Then this seminar is the place to be!
As far as i know, this is the only NLP Training in English in Zürich and the german part of Switzerland. Because I am offering this only through the meetup group, I can give you a great price that is very competitive. With a minimum of 6 applications, the costs are covered and you can enjoy a first class NLP Training.

Content of the seminar:

• The History of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

• The NLP Communication Model
How our brain works and how we can change how you feel in seconds

• Rapport- how to build and improve relationship skills
How to build a bridge to other people quickly to develop a successful relationship
How to use language so other people understand you even better

• Sensory Acuity - Fine tuning your senses for deeper perception

• The Feedback Model

• Well-formed Outcomes and Goalsetting that works

• Introduction to Submodalities- How small changes in thinking have huge impact to ur feelings

• Language
The power of positive language
Effectivly using language to improve your communication
The powerfull NLP-Question-Technique (Meta Model)
Essentials of negotiating

• Presuppositions of NLP, the Keys to personal development

• Basics of self-management and mental training

• Kinaesthetic anchoring
How to "store" and regenerate feelings (eg. confidence, happiness, calm) whenever needed

• An introduction to Timelines
Discover how you personally structure time, and how to place a clear goal in your future

• ... and much more that raises the value of the seminar even more.

Are you interested in learning and applying NLP on a deeper level? Then this training is for you.
Send me an e-mail to confirm your interest, and I will reserve your seat. Further information about booking, cancellation, certification etc. will be sent to you as well.



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