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Odds are you have never heard of i-Chushindo and you may wonder what it is.

Assuming you already know or at least heard about Yoga.

You may also know about Zen and the Japanese martial art, Aikido.

If I told you i-Chushindo is a combination of Yoga, Zen, and Aikido, you would probably get some ideas on it.

Or you might be more confused…

Since it is your first-time hearing about i-Chushindo, it would be easier for you to understand what i-Chushindo is and how it is different from those.

In another word, what is the comparison of i-Chushindo and other three; Zen, Yoga, and Aikido.

Zen is a meditation method to observe your breath and mind while sitting still. It will help you empty your mind and relieve stress you get in daily life.


i-Chushindo offers the same benefits you receive from Zen without meditation in an isolated environment. Instead, you walk and move your body as you do when you are awake.

Yoga is a self-made body-mind exercise where you make specific poses and follow breathing techniques to flow energy smoothly within you. It will help you harmonize your awareness and reaching the state of peace in mind.


i-Chushindo offers the same benefits you receive from Yoga without seemingly impossible and weirdly twisted poses.

Unlike Yoga, you exercise and apply i-Chushindo when you associate with others at your office, home, or any scenes in life.

Yes, you can practice i-Chushindo by yourself, but it is more practical and useful when you do it with partners or even opponents.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that does not involve kicking and hitting opponents. The primary purpose of Aikido is to metaphorically become friends with your opponent who is attacking you.


It will help you use your consciousness wisely.

i-Chushindo offers the same benefits you receive from Aikido, but you do not have to learn techniques to throw people.

Instead, you will learn the power of consciousness; how to find it and use it wisely.

Having said that, I call i-Chushindo a Walking Zen, Dancing Yoga, or Aikido without throwing people.

If you love to spend a healthy life both physically and mentally...

If you love to become happy in relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues…

If you love to bring out your true strength which you are unaware of…

Come and join i-Chushindo!

Let's get together and learn new technologies for wellness and success from A-Ray-style Body & Health Strength Exercise (a.k.a. Hidashiki Kyokenjutsu in Japanese).

We will meet here in Laguna Hills and practice A-Ray-style posture, breathing, and body movement. Admission is free.

Who would get the most benefits out of this workshop:

- Anybody who wants to improve their relationship with a spouse

- Business leaders who want to improve their leadership

- Anybody who wants to bring out your strength and achieve amaging goals for your dreams

- Parents who want to improve their communication with kids

- Teachers or educators

- Yoga instructors or students

More details can be found at http://www.ichushindo.com


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