• Summer break

    2770 Main St

    We will be taking break for Summer ( June and July) and will resume in August

  • Design thinking!! Design thinking!! Design thinking!! I am thinking!

    Join us as we hear from Tom: - Overview and discussion on design thinking - what it is, where it came from, break down the stages, how we have used it at Toyota, highlight some key activities - Empathy map each other - getting ready / going to work Tom is a seasoned professional with a management consulting background skilled in business and experience design, business architecture, corporate and competitive strategy, and finance. Most recently, formed the experience and business design practice at Toyota with a focus on integrating historically siloed organizations into one Toyota aligned to deliver to the mobility consumer of today and tomorrow. Outside of work, you will find Tom looking for the new restaurant in town, exploring a new destination, or grilling on his back patio.

  • Agile world - Full of tools. What is what?

    2770 Main St

    Jira, Agile Craft, Rally, TFS, Version One and many more. What tools have you experienced? Let's gather to compare them and talk about it. I am going to bring my knowledge and experience, along with market research and share various, leading Agile tools. Bring your experience too!

  • Introducing Agile Improv

    2770 Main St

    Agile Improv is an art and craft of responding to the reality, as we transform through the journey. Tina Fey mentioned these as 4 rules of improv in her book "Bossypants": 1) Say Yes 2) Yes, And 3) Make Statements 4) No Mistakes, Only Opportunities There are a ton more rules, but these are a good starting point. Our intention is to come together and learn from each other as we run through real-time scenarios, but all this by being within the rules of committing, listening, being in the moment and creating the change.

  • Happy Agility!!

    2770 Main St

    Your team/ program could be either new or already existing it is important to create/maintain the happiness in it. Omar Zaaza would lead us into the discussion sharing his experience and pass the happiness nuggets. Bring your agile appetite and stay curious!!

  • Fatigue in Enterprise Transformation!!

    2770 Main St

    Are you directly or indirectly involved in an Enterprise where Agile Transformation is ON?!! Then you might have experienced mental exertion, a fatigue. Join us to have a look as @Aruna Chandrasekharan shares: Why fatigue occurs? Differential the types of fatigues How can change agents deal with Enterprise Transformation fatigue? How should an organization pivot from that stage of fatigue. ABOUT PRESENTER: Aruna Chandrasekharan is an Enterprise Change Agent@Cognizant Technology Solutions. She has been in this space for the last 10 years and has been an active change agent in large enterprises for the last 7 years. She is particularly interested in a holistic approach to transformation across all levels and divisions of organizations with special emphasis on leadership since no transformation has truly sustained itself without the leaders "leading" the change.

  • Free Dec Workshop- Agile Essentials

    2770 Main St

    Are you interested in learning about Agile in a hands-on open environment? iConnect is offering one day workshop at no-cost for the December workshop. The Agile Essentials Workshop has a team of experienced Agile professionals available to discuss Agile Principles and Practices, and the Agile Mindset. This will be a 7 hour workshop, no lap-tops required and no agile experience required. This is limited to the first 15 individuals.

  • Building Teams to Building Tribes

    Crossing Church

    'Agile teams' have been around for a while and is no more a new term in IT industry. However, we still have a great challenge in building right mindset, which is the fundamental of being Agile. Which brings us to this month's topic about Building Tribes out of Teams. This topic touches the outline of building the right culture. - What is a Tribe? - What are the characteristics of Tribe? - How tribal unity influences the organizational culture? We ask that you bring your organizational culture to learn from each other.

  • A closer look at the new version of SAFe 4.6 addition

    Oh yeah! The newer version of SAFe is a big deal!! In my years of coaching experience, I struggled with some of the areas, to bring a mindset change and to bring a positive impact. Of those, SAFe 4.6 addresses few of them so cleanly and I am so excited to share the additions. Come and join! 6:30 - 7:00 PM - Food & network 7:00 - 8:00 PM - A closer look at the new version of SAFe 4.6. additions 8:00 - 8:15 PM - Closing announcements & Adjourn

  • Meetup cancelled due to weather

    Crossing Church

    Welcome all "Connectors" to the first iConnect meetup! The iConnect Theme for October will be: "Let's Connect" What to expect: - iConnect Team Introductions with Food and Fellowship - "Connectors" (group attendees) are welcome to give a short introduction about who they are, goals, and anything else! No Pressure! - Collaboration on how to make our meetup successful. - Examples: - Schedule specific Presentations or Speakers? - Work as a team to gain Certifications? - Provide workshops? - Blogging on the iConnect Website - Knowledge sharing The feedback from this meeting will determine the next topic.