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We live in very interesting times. New ways of thinking about collaboration, leadership and organisational structure are emerging, allowing us to remain successful in this fast-changing world. We are discovering how to rely on self-management instead of top-down hierarchies to produce maximal results/navigate complexity. We realise we should not only care about results and performance, but also on the wellbeing and growth of people to maximise success. And it becomes clear that our organisations should maximise value not only for shareholders but for all stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, the wider community and the Earth.

Our purpose is to change the way we look at work. By ‘being the change’ ourselves and by helping organisations to become more effective and more humane. We support leaders who want their organisations to become a catalyst for the wellbeing and growth of their people. Who want their organisations to become resilient and successful in a sustainable way.

We believe in agile and sociocracy.
We are convinced that combining a truly agile mindset with strong sociocratic principles is the most powerful way to build thriving organisations the world offers us today. Therefore, we choose for Sociocracy 3.0 and agile & sociocratic leadership as the foundations of our work.

Sociocracy 3.0 (or S3 in short, www.sociocracy30.org) offers a modular set of principles and patterns to grow and evolve agile and resilient organisations. It covers all organisational aspects ranging from organisational structure and decision making to effective collaboration and operations. It combines the agile principles and techniques for successful product development with the sociocratic mindset and processes needed to grow a flexible and effective organisation.

Leadership is not a position or a title. It’s how you show up and set the example for others. It’s how you take up responsibility. And this requires new skills and behaviour for most of us.
We support both formal and informal leaders to become more effective catalysts for change and better coaches for their teams and organisations. We grow leaders to become the best possible version of themselves, balancing power and love. And this way create a culture where everyone can maximally grow and contribute. And become a leader too. Because in a truly agile and thriving organisation, everyone is a leader.

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