What we're about

iMPACT Ethics is an inviting social space to discuss the rising importance of ethics within the realm of digital tech. We want to promote learning and debate on the impact of our decisions in the products we create. Do we have a responsibility for our creations, and how can we take action?

Join many other UX and industry-related professionals in the following:

- Creating conversation on diverse topics and industries (e.g. dark UX, data collection, unintended design implications)
- Sharing knowledge and experiences
- Applying ethics via practical tools and methods

Our events will range from guest speaker talks / panels to socials.

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To note, we are looking for speakers, sponsors and potentially volunteeers. If you are interested, please send a us a email at impactethics@gmail.com

Past events (3)

Breaking Barriers: Diversity in Tech (Aug 2019)

Loblaw Digital

iMPACT: Design x Data (Feb 2019)


iMPACT UX Ethics (July 2018)

Klick Health Cafe

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