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iMotivate Atlanta Leadership Meetup
This will be a great opportunity for us to network, share, and assist each other in becoming successful. Not just financially, but also spiritually, and healthy. This group speaks on one Thursday of the month looking to bring fulfillment and happiness to each other. We discuss business opportunities, job openings, fundraising, education, travel, and a host of other topics that add to our complete purpose in life. Our theme is why do it alone, when so many others want to help!! We will get back to physical meetups once we have a permanent location.

Phone call in 515.739.1020, Access Code 174061

515.739.1020 · 174061, GA

What we're about

This is a fun, motivational success group where members of the community come together to share resources, stories, and ideas. Far too long have we tried to achieve success on our own, when Success comes much faster with the help of others, and is a lot more fun. We bring experts in from many different areas to help us generate the happiness, wealth and success we desire. We do deals, Together!! Great group founded by motivational speaker Larry Jemison, Jr. No cover

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