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Women in iOS meetup: Cassandra Sandquist & Tamar Nachmany at Tumblr

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Women in iOS is part of the iOSoho meetup.

The goal of the meetup is to bring more women and other underrepresented groups into the larger iOS community.

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• This event is open to general public.

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Cassandra Sandquist, iOS Developer at Tumblr

10 things that I do before every new project

Tips and tricks for ways to speed up my efficiency as a developer. Tools, Xcode setup, magic spells to make Xcode behave.

Cassandra is an iOS Engineer at Tumblr in New York. She originally hails from Canada and has worked/lived in Alberta, Colorado, North Carolina. When she is not building apps, she is looking for ways to build apps to a higher standard.

Tamar Nachmany, iOS Developer at Tumblr

Getting Your First iOS Job

The iOS engineering question I get asked most frequently is "How do I get my first iOS job?". In this talk, which I hope will both empower new iOS developers and help our experienced community members onboard new iOS developers, I will answer a few of the common questions I get asked about making this transition and share some advice about what new developers should look for in engineering teams.

Tamar is an iOS engineer at Tumblr in New York. She leads iOS development on Tumblr's Messaging team. Previously she has given talks in New York City and Berlin at Tumblr, Wire, and Etsy, at the Brooklyn Swift Meetup. When she's not building apps she writes, teaches, and runs a multidisciplinary art residency.

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