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Since I bought my first iPad in April 2010, it opened the door to the idea called 'Life Hack', basically imporving productivity in both in your work and life. I tried a local mobile device user support group for over a year and a half. Eventually, I was very frustrated and gave up. I realized that I should create my own ‘life hack for mature women’ system.

My intention is to share the result of what I learned and am still learning after reading 30+ books and over 1000 blog posts and tried over 300 apps. This is not about ‘multi-tasking’ or mobile device overload. This is about getting more things done while decreasing anxiety and stress Finally this is about being productive at any age while keeping the balance in life with our peers.

Let's me explain what 'iTracking Party ' stands for.

1. 'i' stands for cloud and to the extent mobile devices. We will learn how to take advantage of cloud computing and mobile devices. The nut shell is to be able to access your important 'unique' information wherever you are.

2. 'Tracking', the most important habit we need to creat is to track as much activity as possible. This is where moble divices become very handy.

3. 'Party'; do you know a single biggest reason why people procasitnate? Isolation !!, Yes, if you are normal human being, it is almost impossible to do it alone. Making new habits and stopping bad and old habits are so hard if you do it alone. However, if you have someone to do it together, it becomes doable.

This is why I try to make 'local small groups'. Then within those groups , we can work together.

Let me know if you want to start a new local group. I will facilitate any group which have more than 2 people.

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