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Design Sprint Principles Workshop

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Maicol P. and Crystal E.
Design Sprint Principles Workshop


As user experience professionals, we often find ourselves over-investing in our ideas without getting any feedback, which often leads to wasting time, energy and resources.

Design Sprint principles give us the tools to efficiently define problems, decide on solutions and walk away with actional steps to run short experiments that help us maximize our learning loop.

In the first half of this workshop, you’ll learn Design Sprint principles and how to leverage them through a Lightning Decision Jam exercise, to quickly go from an ambiguous problem to tangible and actionable next steps for you to experiment with as an individual or a team.

In the second half, we'll go deeper into maximizing your learning loop by learning how to craft questions on an existing idea and testing those assumptions with the people in the room. Our goal is to make user research as accessible as possible and that begins with writing questions and talking with real people!

Design Sprint principles
What happens in a Design Sprint week
Lightning Decision Jam exercise
Value of user research
Maximizing your learning loop

This workshop is for creative professionals and students interested in learning the fundamentals of the Design Sprint process and how to apply these principles in what you're working on today.

Maicol Parker-Chavez is a business designer working with companies to build better solutions faster through inclusion and design. He brings together diverse perspectives across teams, company hierarchy, and customers and includes them into the product development process creating alignment, understanding, and efficiency.

Is this the same as the Official Design Sprint workshop?
No, the Official Design Sprint workshop focuses on taking you through each day of the Design Sprint so that you can facilitate your own Design Sprints with your team or company. In this workshop you’ll learn about the core principles from the Design Sprint, apply them in a team setting called a Lightning Decision Jam and learn tactical tips on how to conduct basic user research.

Do I need to be part of a team to attend this workshop?
Teams are welcomed, but not required. We know not everyone is working in large teams and/or for large companies, so this workshop has been designed to give individuals tangible takeaways that they can apply to their current professional or personal projects.

Will I get teamwork experience from this workshop?
Yes, during the Lightning Decision Jam exercise you will be grouped into teams of 4-5 and you’ll work together to define a large and ambiguous problem and walk away with tangible action steps you can try in the following weeks as an individual or as a team.

Can I do anything to prepare for the workshop?
All we ask is that you bring an open mind into the workshop, but if you’d like to study ahead of time, you can always visit and watch AJ&Smart’s video on the Lightning Decision Jam (

Do I need to be a designer to attend?
Nope! If you can write words on a sticky note and care about learning how to test your ideas, then this workshop is for you.

Do I need a computer?
This is a device-free day, in both exercises, you'll be getting hands-on experience by writing on post-its and paper and voting on ideas with little tiny sticky dots.

We recommend the public parking structure for Santa Monica Library main branch at: 601 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

The entrance to the structure is off 7th street.

It's a flat rate $5/day and a lot cheaper than the parking lot across the street from Blankspaces. Also, you'll avoid the traffic jams on the street and parking lots on the 2nd/3rd street area.

Blankspaces for hosting our workshop.
Blankspaces Santa Monica
1450 2nd Street · Santa Monica, CA
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