Case Study: Ethical Product Design or Designing for Social Impact Over Profit


As part of LAUX Meetup's #DesignImpact series, we've invited the two Product Design team members for UNICEF's Kid Power app to talk about their product and experiences.

With UNICEF KID POWER Product Design team members:
Mike Estano, UX Strategist / Creative Director
Ryan Modjeski, Managing Director of Product and Platform

In a marketplace where users refuse to pay for products but money still needs to be made somewhere, a UX designer is often at odds with themselves. A good user experience vs. a business model that pushes us to exploit character weaknesses on our users and KPIs that drive us to unethical systems for monetization.

In this case study, Mike and Ryan will look at some common practices and how they turned them on their heads with their current project with UNICEF KID POWER.

With 50 combined years of product design experience, they have worked together over the past 5 years taking the UX tools common among “habit forming” products and retention tricks and reapplying them in a way that promotes healthful user engagement and positive outcomes as a way to create products with Social Impact that works and is a viable business.

They’ll also give some insights into the data they see that backs up the idea that Social Impact and Ethical Design can be profitable.

There is a large parking structure across the street from BLANKSPACES Santa Monica as well as lots of metered street parking. Please be sure to feed the meter and closely read the posted restrictions.

We'd like to thank the team at BLANKSPACES for generously hosting the meetup and sponsoring the event.