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The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup
The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup
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The first applications of new technology are designed by engineers and technologists. As the technology matures, designers are brought in to create more human-centered experiences. After all, the engineers are rightly focused on getting the technology to work, efficiencies and scalability. User experience design is well established in software and application design, but much less so for VR and AR.

Many people working in XR come from fields where user experience is not part of the workflow and either aren't familiar with or don't fully appreciate how UX can set their immersive experiences apart and greatly aid in adoption.

In addition, the spatial web is a new paradigm that requires a new language for design and interaction. Even those who are expert in the field of user experience and various expressions of media are still finding their way in this new field. We have three designers who have come to the party early and are eager to share what they've learned about applying UX principals to various forms of immersive media.

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Please welcome our panel of stellar Immersive UX practitioners:

Krys Blackwood, NASA JPL

Suzanne Borders, Bad VR

Christopher Pitcher, Planet Home and Empact Labs

Clay Weishaar, UNITY9

Moderated by: Suzan Oslin, UXXR Design and Open AR Cloud

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