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***Due to the coronavirus, we are no longer meeting in person. New members are welcome local to Fort Collins, but must still follow the ground rules below and the prospective members must meet with the Co-Organizer for orientation prior to being approved. New members should still be able to attend in person once in person meetups are reinstated. This is intentionally a small group of Colorado residents local to the Northern Colorado area. ***

Who are we?

We are a group of individual investors collaborating to improve each member's knowledge, skills, and investment profits using the IBD® CAN SLIM® methodology. This is a trend following system focused on finding the few market leaders and trading them for big gains.

What are we doing?

Education: We are learning to master and execute the CAN SLIM® methodology so that each member can independently execute the strategy with skill, knowledge and self-confidence.

Research: We share with each other our research and analysis of the market, sectors, industry groups, and stocks using IBD® and Marketsmith® as a first source for information whenever possible. Root source data from the companies involved can be used to override this information. We will shy away from opinions and future predictions that many other sources may provide.

Trades: We make available candidates for possible trades (buy and sell) - but they are not to be taken as advice or recommendations because they do not come from licensed advisors.

Why are we doing this?

To provide a support system to enhance knowledge, skill, experience and confidence in the CAN SLIM® methodology.

Vision For The Group:

To gain a superior understanding of the CAN SLIM® system and to master it. Our discussions will be directed toward: 1) finding true market leading stocks and leading industry groups or sectors, 2) determining market direction and signs of strength or weakness in the market, 3) presenting marked up charts with observations on technical signs in the chart and fundamental strengths or weaknesses of the company (i.e., "the story" behind the company's success), 4) understanding more fully the CAN SLIM® system, that is, learning the subtleties and complexities of the system, 5) discussing lessons learned from mistakes or successes in the market, 6) discussing control over emotions and the psychology of investing, 7) encouraging and helping one another to success in the stock market.

In other words, this group will be a place where knowledgeable investors using CAN SLIM® will help each other learn and make sure we don't miss the next outstanding stock, and handle it right when we get it.

Ground Rules – Expected Behaviors:

1. Each of us is investing our own money and ultimately separately responsible for any and all decisions with respect to our investments.

2. We will hold each other harmless for a bunch of things (a non exhaustive list of examples includes proposals, research, correct or incorrect information/data, etc.).

3. Our group is focusing on the IBD®/O’Neil CAN SLIM® strategy.

4. We will reference IBD®/O’Neil materials/courses (as precedents) whenever possible to help each other learn the approach.

5. Currently membership is open to all that can participate locally in face-to-face meetings.

6. To be an active member, everyone is expected to attend in person at least once in the last 6 months, or will be removed from the roster. New members that join and do not attend a meeting in person within 3 months will be removed from the roster. Anyone removed from the roster, is welcome to re-join at any time when they are ready to become active again.

7. In your meetup profile under Name, a first and last name is required with a face recognizable picture of you and intro. For example, if your meetup profile only lists you as “John”, you will not be approved as a member. This helps the leadership as well as members to identify members.

8. The meetings are currently free, but as we have had problems getting a stable location this may change in the future if we have to pay for meeting facilities and equipment rentals. Or we may try using a conference room at a restaurant which would mean in that case everyone would be expected to order from the menu to allow us to meet there.

9. Comply with "Meetup IBD Guidelines February 2014" detailed in 2/19/2014 letter to Meetup Leaders - posted in files section of this website.

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