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Join us at suite 1001 on the 10th floor.

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Often times it can take a lot of time, effort, and programming knowledge to quickly and effectively bring an idea from concept to creation. Even with the countless libraries out there, tutorials and resources we can sometimes find ourselves stuck reinventing the wheel when it comes to building out ideas into production.

Node-RED eases this pain by providing a fast and easy way to create flow based programs to get your ideas running on either web applications, dashboards and IoT devices in minutes. It is very easy to get started with and is a great open source tool for beginners and experienced developers alike who want to write and understand programming flow. It can be used for APIs, Databases, IOT devices, Web Sockets, Emails, Scripting, Image Processing, Cloud computing, edge computing, creating websites and lot more one can think of doing it based on Node JS.

In this workshop we will get hands on with Node-RED and go over the basics of getting started with building out flows to quickly and easily prototype web applications.

By the end of this workshop attendees should be able to walk away with:

• Overall understanding of Node-Red
• Creating flows in Node-RED
• Deploying an App
• Importing and Exporting flows
• Prototyping with Watson Apis
• Prototyping a Weather application


630pm - doors open, pizza, drinks, & networking
7-8pm - hands-on workshop
8-830pm - additional working time
9pm - venue closes

Who is this event for?

This workshop is for both beginners, experienced developers, makers, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in rapid prototyping or is just curious about flow based programming.

Get a head start with IBM Cloud, sign up via: https://ibm.biz/BdzMZG

About the Presenter

Pooja Mistry (@poojamakes) is a developer advocate for IBM Cloud. She works on expanding the reach of IBM's technology to New York City's developer community. Her area of interest includes prototyping with NodeRED and working with AI services to build fun and interesting things! Prior to living in NYC, Pooja lived in Boston, MA where she was working as an API automation engineer in the healthcare tech industry. She mainly works in Javascript and Java, however she tinkers with Python. She is currently passionate about Node-RED and building IoT applications using Node-RED services. She is a strong believer in helping new technologist get up and running with technology and feel confident in their abilities to make!