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Are You Serious?!?

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Because . . . I'm pretty sure Bock is about to lose it if I keep calling it "Cool Runnings!" in this weather.

And because "Are You Serious?!?" captures both the dedication and lack of good sense it takes to run regularly in this weather.

During Summer, the goals for Mondays are to just run. Most people's paces take a sharp turn for the worse when running in heat and humidity, and there's no sense spending the summer being disappointed because your loop times are getting slower. It happens. Sometimes the best you can do, is to just keep running regularly and maintain a level of fitness, so that when fall rolls around you don't feel like you are starting over. Which can be discouraging.

Run: 1 Loop, at whatever pace is comfortable. If "comfortable" for you is "6 miles at my normal pace because I'm a mutant and heat doesn't really affect my running", then that's your pace.

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