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Type-calculating functions

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Speditionsstrasse 15a · Düsseldorf

How to find us

Take the elevator to the third floor. The main door downstairs should be open, otherwise ring the bell Startplatz.

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In this meetup we'll hack again some Idris together! This time, we'll switch from the dimension of value-level programming, that we all know from our daily programming languages, to the dimension of type-level functions. Therefore we'll do some exercise together from Edwin Brady's awesome book Type-driven Development in Idris.

Additionally, Luka will give us a short intro to Purescript, a haskell/idris-syntax style PL that compiles to JavaScript.

Bring your laptop! Would be good if you could preinstall Idris, Atom and the Idris-Atom plugin.

PD: Startplatz was so kind to host us for this meetup. So please join numerously so we can show them that this group is worth hosting :-)