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This group is for anyone wanting to improve their professional or personal lives using the Enneagram. Beginners and experts are welcome!

This is a collaborative, inclusive group respecting all Types and walks of life, looking to share resources and ideas, and grow together.

We have monthly meetings in the Denver Metro area, as well as workshops and speakers throughout the Denver metro.

Get more details here: http://www.ieacolorado.org or here: http://www.internationalenneagram.org

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DENVER (via Zoom) - Panel -- And now for something completely different!

This month IEA Board Member VP Justin Tomasino will facilitate a very different panel. Justin previously taught the Enneagram to his high school classes for 17 years. During that time, he instructed students on how best to question people in order to understand them better and to identify their types. After classes were introduced and experienced traditional panel discussions, he brought in school staff, teachers, administrators, and ex-students to sit on a non-traditional panel--discovering the panelists' type through audience questions. Justin will ask for 5 - 6 volunteers from the audience to be on our nontraditional panel. Volunteers can either know their type or want help in discovering their type. This is a great way for participants to hone your typing skills! ATTENDANCE will be via Zoom. For those on their PC or MAC - to participate in the breakout rooms, you must download the Zoom desktop client (as opposed to the web client). For mobile users, you are good to go. 6:20 OPTIONAL ZOOM TRAINING. Join the meeting early and Justin Tomasino will be available for basic Zoom training for those interested. He will go over these areas, time permitting: 1. Gallery & Speaker Views (icons in the upper right). 2. Mute/Unmute – 3 ways. 3. Voluntary vs. Host-controlled Mute/Unmute. 4. How to raise your hand during the meeting. 5. Send Chat messages to everyone or privately to one person. 6. How to test your audio (microphone & speakers) and video – if there’s time. Meeting Starts at 6:30. Please log on by 6:25 so we can start on-time. From 8:00 to 8:30 will we have an online social time, so bring a glass of wine or cup of tea and enjoy the company of fellow Enneagrammers! ***RSVPs a must! In order to keep our meeting secure, safe, and fun, the ZOOM LINK WILL BE SENT VIA MEETUP EMAIL TO ALL WHO HAVE RSVP'd ON THE MORNING OF THE EVENT. If you don't get the link, email [masked] or [masked]. IEA Colorado Meet Ups are free to all while we are online only. To join IEA Colorado: https://ieacolorado.org/iea-colorado-member-sign-up/#join. Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IEA.Colorado/

Louisville (online) - Couple Panel - THREE and EIGHT

Online event

A moderator will interview a couple so that meeting participants can learn insights into the specific dynamics of this Enneagram type pairing. A married couple from our group (Lisa & Tom) has graciously agreed to be on our panel so we can examine the dynamics of a THREE - EIGHT couple in action. The photo above is Angelina Jolie (THREE) and Antonio Banderas (EIGHT) in the movie Original Sin (2001). SPOILER ALERT! Nice adventure drama in which the EIGHT is healthy, loving, and romantic. The THREE is average, deceiving, and detaches from her heart easily. Jolie deceives Banderas, but nevertheless he doesn't give up on her and attempts to romance her, even after he's been swindled. Relationship compatibility is not dependent upon one’s Enneagram type, nor a certain pairing of types. Rather, most psychotherapists would agree that compatibility depends on both people being in a place of healthy emotional maturity, regardless of their Enneagram type. In every type-pairing, there are natural blessings and natural challenges. This will be our third couple interview! Previously we did THREE-NINE and TWO-FIVE. It was a revealing and insightful experience for both the couples and the participants! BIO of Moderator of the Couple Panel Paul has been doing pre-marital preparation for couples for 15 years using the Enneagram as a primary tool. He also plans and then officiates romantic and exciting wedding ceremonies, and is a certified intimacy coach. He has an M.Div. and an M.A in theology with an emphasis in pastoral counseling. ATTENDANCE will be ONLINE - via a Zoom link which is shown on this page. For those on their PC - to participate in the breakout rooms, you must download the Zoom desktop client (as opposed to the web client). For mobile users, you are good to go. A password is required for this meeting! It will be sent via Meetup email to all who have RSVP'd by early afternoon of the event, or optionally you can message me at [masked] anytime prior to the event. This is to keep our meeting secure, safe, and fun. A special WELCOME to those from afar who many not normally be visiting our group due to distance, a distance which is no longer a barrier! 6:30 Meeting STARTS PROMPTLY. May I suggest joining at 6:20 or 6:25 in case any technical glitches need to be solved in your environment. At the beginning of the meeting, Beth Kuper will give us all a quick "mention" of Zoom features that will be available for a richer meeting experience. --------------------------------------------------- AFTER the meeting, we will do some ONLINE SOCIALIZING, so keep your favorite cup of tea, vino, or munchies nearby! --------------------------------------------------- Everyone is invited to our meetings! Normally, meetings are just $5 for non-members, and free for members. For the time being, the online cost is free for everyone! --------------------------------------------------- To become an IEA-CO member for $15/year: http://ieacolorado.org/ at the bottom left, click on “Become a Member”, then at the bottom right, click on “Become an IEA Colorado Member Only” About The International Enneagram Association - Colorado Chapter (IEA-CO): http://ieacolorado.org https://www.facebook.com/International-Enneagram-Association-Colorado-Chapter-125497021119977

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DENVER (via Zoom) - Type Four Panel

Online event

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