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Every 4th Saturday of the month

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• What we'll do
This will be a simple 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game with minimal house rules (Two sides of one sheet of paper not counting Custom Races, Spells and other things like that). It is set of 4-6 Characters of 6th Level. To start with though I am requiring Pre-Generated Characters to be used. Here is the list of what I have available.
Aarakocra Fighter
Bearman Druid [Custom Race, Large 8'-10' Humanoid Bear]
Bearman Fighter
Catfolk Ranger [Using Taxabi]
Ceranaus Fighter [Custom Race, Deer Folk]
Dark Elf Bard [Drow, but I do not use the Traditional Drow History]
Dark Elf Cleric
Dark Elf Wizard
Dragonborn, Copper Wizard
Dragonborn, Green Fighter
Dragonborn, Green Sorcerer
Dragonborn, Red Barbarian
Dragonborn, Silver Storm Sorcerer
Dragonborn, White Bard
Dragonborn, White Paladin
Dwarf Bard
Dwarf Paladin
Dwarf Rouge
Dwarf Wizard
Elf, Wood Fighter
Elf, Eladrin Ranger
Elf, High Rouge
Elf, High Sorcerer, Red Draconian Bloodline
Elf, Wood Warlock, Fey Pact
Emirin Warlock, Fey Pact [Custom Race, Feral Psychic Puma]
Firbolg Fighter
Genasi (Air) Wizard
Genasi (Earth) Warlock
Genasi (Fire) Sorcerer
Genasi (Water) Monk
Gnoll Rouge
Gnome Cleric
Gul Fighter [Custom Race, Badger Folk Created by Dwarves]
Gul Ranger
Gul Rouge
Gul Barbarian
Half Elf Cleric
Half Elf Druid
Half Elf Fighter
Half Orc Fighter
Half Orc Paladin to Woden (Odin)
Half Orc Ranger
Halfling Bard
Halfling Wizard
Human Barbarian
Human Fighter, Rifleman
Human Fighter, Scout
Human Monk
Human Paladin, Knight
Human Ranger
Human Ranger, Scout
Human Rouge
Human Wizard
Kankoran Ranger [Custom Race, 3'-4' Folk Folk]
Khan Druid [Custom Race, 6'-8' Tiger Folk]
Lupin Cleric [Custom Race, 5'-7' Dog Folk]
Lupin Fighter
Minotaur Fighter
Muse Rouge [Custom Race, 4'-5' Faerie Folk]
Muse Wizard
Tiefling Bard
Tiefling Druid
Tiefling Fighter
Tiefling Scorcerer
Tiefling Wizard
Wolfen Barbarian [Custom Race, 7'-9' Wolf Folk]
Wolfen Cleric to Woden
Wolfen Fighter
Wolfen Storm Sorcerer

I am open to home made Characters, but not as your first character, sorry about that.

A not about Back to the Grind, you mist buy something and Cash only.

To RSVP you must go to here:

Once again sorry for that, but this is set over a number of MeetUps and there is limited seating so I had to arrange for a central hub.

• What to bring
Just something to write with, dice if you have any and the willingness to have a good time.

• Important to know

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