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Holiday Breakfast Party for Real Estate Investors

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Holiday Breakfast Party for Real Estate Investors


It's time to celebrate! Celebrate what, you might ask? After all, the housing market is teetering, unemployment is rising, inflation, etc. are all rearing their ugly heads.

Well, through all of that, we're celebrating you!

You - for staying engaged on how to profit from the coming downturn!
You - for knowing that the next couple of years could change the rest of your life for the better!
You - for taking steps to gain the knowledge needed to thrive!


You - for showing up and helping the IEREIC become the best damn real estate club in SoCal and the fastest growing investor association in the country!

That's right, we started the year with barely 100 members and now we are just shy of 300! We relaunched our Mission Inn events (after almost a 2 year Covid hiatus) and had nearly 800 people attend them. We even added more events than the club has ever had and not only saw attendance rise but rise to venue overflowing levels! Oh, how about going national with investors joining us at our Exchangors event from all over the country! AND Andy got us Peter Fortunato to come out for a 2 day class next year!

Excited yet???

So here's to you and everyone else that made it possible and to show our thanks and excitement for next year, we're stepping up our Holiday Party even bigger than we did last year with more raffles, more food, more give-a-ways, and LIVE entertainment!!

The Food:

Breakfast Burritos with all the fixin's.
Cookies and Donuts
Coffee and other Drinks too

The Entertainment:

Country-Soul-Blues performed live by local artist, Hilary Watson

The Fun:

Door Raffle: 1 ticket per door entry (members get 2 tickets). Books, club swag, and other goodies!

50/50 Raffle: BRING CASH. Half of all the $ goes to YOU if you win. Other half goes to the club for equipment upgrades.

Pete's Raffle: $20 per ticket for 1 free admission to IEREIC Special Event featuring Peter Fortunato! Two full days of instruction + lunch with the legendary investor himself in March 2023. $500 value each


MEMBERS: members who pay monthly ( always attend for free!!

Get $5 off by prepaying at this link
or $30 at the door (card only, NO cash).

IEREIC Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club
IEREIC Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club
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1400 Marlborough Ave · Riverside, CA