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Center for Social Innovation

585 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON · 3rd Floor, Meeting Room 1, ON

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Daniels Spectrum Building on South Side of Dundas 3 blocks East of Parliament

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Greetings Igniters,

Join in on this amazing opportunity to accelerate your speaking skills in a warm and inspiring atmosphere.

Theme: "Make Friends and Influence People"

To inspire and influence others we need to be able to make people like us and to win their trust quickly. Join in this awesome Ignite Your Inner Speaker event as we explore the key principles of making friends and influencing people in a fun and inspiring way.

Format: Small group to allow you to learn and practice new skills and receive lots of personal attention and coaching from me. I will IGNITE YOUR INNER SPEAKER and get you confident and ready for future Ignite events. Promise!

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE so reserve yours right away.

FYI: Parking in the area of 585 Dundas Street is FREE


Ignite Your Inner Speaker is where communication and inspiration meet! It's my own unique approach to accelerating public speaking skills and confidence. It combines elements of a public speaking class with elements of an inspirational and personal growth class which among many other things helps you:

• Build public speaking skills and confidence.

• Boost your body language and personal presence.

• Learn to communicate concise messages in realtime.

• Accelerate improvement with coaching and encouragement.

• Grow your self-knowledge and self-awareness.

• Connect with amazing people and hear their inspiring stories.



There are 3 main things you need to be an awesome speaker.

1. The CONFIDENCE to TOTALLY BE YOURSELF in your speaking.

IYIS encourages you to be yourself, not to put on an act or create some sort of artificial speaking persona. You'll quickly learn to feel more comfortable in your own skin and begin to discover your own unique and authentic speaking style.

2. The ABILITY to CREATE meaningful messages QUICKLY.

IYIS teaches you how to formulate concise and meaningful messages quickly and allows you to practice delivering them in an unscripted way. I promise you your new ability to speak fluidly and command attention WILL BE NOTICED.

3. The CONNECTION that results from BEING OF SERVICE to your audience.

IYIS transforms your speaking from the inside out rather than from the outside in like some other public speaking programs. At Ignite you'll learn to connect with and influence people by BEING AS VALUABLE as you can to them.


The Format:

3 Speaking Rounds: You'll feel yourself improve in the one session.

Easy and Enlightening Speaking Topics: Helps the group practice speaking by sharing stories, insights and experiences based on an inspirational theme.

Speaking Skills: Simple but powerful speaking skills are taught every class so you're always learning and growing in speaking confidence and ability.

Coaching and Encouragement: Helps you accelerate confidence and improve faster, by learning and building on your existing strengths.

Inspiration and Connection: Sharing stories and personal messages in a group format is one of the oldest and surest ways to feel inspired and connected.

The Atmosphere:

The aim of every Ignite Your Inner Speaker event is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere so you can open up and be yourself in your speaking. Contributing to and benefiting from this atmosphere is as important a skill as any of the the speaking skills you learn at Ignite Your Inner Speaker.

The People

My events attract the most amazing and friendly people. Egos never show up. There are other events for them. People that attend Ignite Your Inner Speaker GET what its all about and are there to give receive attention and support as they grow as a communicator and person.

Bonus Video: You'll also get a video of yourself amazing speaking which is one of the greatest learning tools available!


If you've attended my events before you'll know that I once suffered from an intense fear of public speaking. That fear hindered my ability to express myself the way I wanted to in front of an audience, but it also hindered my ability to express myself the way I wanted to in my life.

I decided to own public speaking fear and take total responsibility for conquering it and even learn to embrace and enjoy public speaking and now many hundreds of speaking experiences later I'm enjoying helping others do the same.

What I learned from facing and conquering my own public speaking fear is that underlying that fear is actually a fear of being yourself. So the more you break the hold public speaking fear has on you the more freedom you win to be just yourself in life and GIVE YOUR GIFT in the AMAZING WAYS you were meant too.

When you're able to express yourself fully and confidently and un-appologetticaly enormous potential you might not have even know you have suddenly WAKES UP inside you. Its a beautiful thing! haha. And its a valuable thing! For yourself and for the world as well.

So always know that embracing and loving who you are is always the bigger, unspoken purpose and theme and energy in all of my events and coaching.

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Let me know if you have any questions.


Bruce Hunt, Public Speaking Adventurer

CEO Toronto Speaker's Academy

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