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Awareness training
Training will increase your health status, body mobility and mind focus on everyday/work tasks. You can be a complete beginner or an expert martial artist: everyone get great benefits from the practise of ILC. You will learn how to unifying your mind with your body by the practice of mindfulness and heightened body awareness. The instructor will guide you to recognise the qualities and the feel of your different set of muscles (Flexors & Extensors) and how to coordinate them to move with balance. You will learn how to step, kick and throw hands (punch) in the most efficient way.

Linderud Senter (3. floor - Intercare Kiropraktor)

Erich Mogensønsvei 38 · Oslo

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Zhong Xin Dao - I Liq Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art system based on Tai Chi principles, Zen (Chan) meditation and Taoist practices. Literally translated, the name means "mind-body fist" or alternatively "mental-physical boxing." Often referred to as the "Martial Art of Awareness" due to its emphasis on mindfulness training as the foundation for achieving martial skill. Training in I Liq Chuan improves mental focus, calms the mind, improves balance, heightens body awareness, increases range of motion and develops powerful and graceful movement.

I Liq Chuan is the family art of the Chin family, founded by Chin Lik Keong and passed on to his son Sam F.S. Chin who is the current gatekeeper of the art. In order to keep the art alive Sam F.S. Chin is openly teaching it to westerners. He organized the art into a curriculum based on western terminology. Which means that we teach and learn in English, the transmission of the art is coming directly from the founders and the message does not get lost in the translation. You can watch the following video, Introduction to I Liq Chuan by Master Sam.

Our learning process is not technique based. Techniques are learned responses to specific conditions, in other words habits. Our training focuses on developing mental and physical qualities in order to harmonize ourselves to the ever changing conditions. By the nature of it's training methods, practicing I Liq Chuan is an excellent way to better understand ourselves holistically.

I Liq Chuan Norway is the first club in Scandinavia to represent the art, while it's widely practiced throughout the world. We're having a friendly atmosphere in our club and we promote a friendly cooperation with other martial arts and clubs as well. From time to time we're hosting seminars by instructors from other countries. Our trainings are open for visits, we're accepting new members constantly!

For more information about I Liq Chuan Norway, pictures and videos visit ILC.NO ( For the international site, visit the official I Liq Chuan ( website.

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