Canceled Meetup



This foray is canceled due to snow. Please join us instead for an indoor lecture on Monday, March 3rd

Monthly Meetings and Lecture Series: The IMA meets at 7:30 PM at the North Park Village Nature Center on the first Monday of each month and the first Tuesday in September. The IMA will not hold monthly meetings in January and February 2014. The first meeting in 2014 will be held on March 3. A few meetings are held at Lake Katherine Nature Center.

North Park Village Nature Center is located at 5801 North Pulaski in Chicago, which is east of Interstate 94 (Eden's Expressway) between Foster and Peterson. There is a stoplight at the entrance where you will turn east and follow the signs going left all the way back to the meeting site. Parking is free across the driveway from the Nature Center, which has a demonstration prairie growing in front. At our meetings, we typically have an expert talking about some aspect of mycology. The highlight of the December meeting is where our members show slides of mushrooms they have found during the year.

Please join us! Membership in the IMA is only $20 per year and includes participation in our monthly members-only forays. While our lecture series is FREE and open to the public, forays into the woods are limited to members only. This is because the IMA is a scientific and educational nonprofit that holds a scientific collector's permit to pick wild mushrooms for research and education. That's why only club members can come on forays. Club members also receive a great digital monthly newsletter with articles, recipes, research, art and information on additional events. You can become an IMA member at any IMA lecture series event, or by clicking here (