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Poker for Hebrew speakers. Min-5 ppl Max-14 ppl. Newbies are welcome. 20$ buy in
A few requests: 1. Please note - poker games take place every Thu eve, unless otherwise specified. 2. On a voluntary basis it would be nice if participants can bring some snacks or beers or soft drinks with them - nothing that costs more than a few bucks. 3. Please try to have 1$ / 5$ / 10$ bills. If we only have 20$ bill denominations, then it makes it harder to distribute the earnings at the end of the game. 4. In order for the Poker game to be enjoyable it requires a minimum of 5 people. Even then, some people lose their chips early in the game and don't buy in anymore, so the number of participants shrinks. Therefore, if you did RSVP but think that you cannot make it, please inform me as early as possible, as it will allow us to see if we have the minimum number of players. Letting me know on 9:15 PM on the same day that you are not coming is futile. 5. On the same note, if you do plan to come, please RSVP, so we can have an accurate count of who is coming. 6. Please park either on my driveway or in regular parking spots. Please refrain from parking on the curb as your car WILL GET TOWED.. Thanks for your cooperation - we had great success up until now so let's keep the momentum going ! See you on Thursday, Assaf

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What we're about

This is a social group of Israelis in the bay area that meet every week or so to play poker, typically at the house of one of the members.


1. While Poker is the theme - this is NOT a "professional" Poker players group. If you're looking for a serious intense Poker game, this is not for you. We're here to interact, communicate and have fun. The idea is to enjoy the game and the people, not to win/lose money!

2. Never played Poker before? You're welcome! The rules are pretty easy to learn and you'd quickly catch up. Just be prepared to lose your first hands until you get the idea...

3. Joining the group doesn't mean you NEED to come every week. It's perfectly fine for a player to show up once a month, once every 3 months or whenever time permits.

4. Cranky? Impatient? Bad temper? Move on. Only nice and easygoing people, please.

5. While the group is defined as "Israeli" all nationalities are welcome. However, expect Hebrew to be very widely spoken and we don't want to feel awkward about it. If you're okay with it, we'd be happy to have you.

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