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IMeditateDC Workshop : An Introduction to the Art of Living

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Refresh and rejuvenate with a free community service initiative to introduce people to breathing & meditation techniques that have a calming effect on the mind and reduce stress. In this 60-minute interactive session, participants develop insight on how to reduce negative emotions - anger, regret, sadness, anxiety and fear - that eat up our energy and time putting an unnecessary burden on our efforts. This workshop is also an introduction to the Art of Living Course.

During the workshop participants will experience:
• Breathing techniques that increase energy and vitality
• A guided meditation
• The connection between our breath, emotions, mind, body & the Self
• Discussion about the tendencies of the mind

Participants will be introduced to tools to chart a new course to healthier, happier, stress-free living.

Some Videos about the Art of Living:

Watch what MSNB has to say (2:52 sec)
(link this to: )

Vice President Biden Speaks on the Art of Living (1:48 sec)
(link this to: )

Short Introduction from a Senior Art of Living Teacher(2:28 sec)
(link this to: )

Medical Benefits
The Harvard Medical School's Health Publication highlighted the benefits of Sudarshan Kriya.

(link “Harvard Medical School’s Health Publication” words to: )

“In an uncertain world, learning to embrace uncertainty allows us
to enjoy the chaos around us and to reduce the stress and anger in our
lives. The Art of Living courses teach us how to breathe and to
meditate to embrace uncertainty, and, once calmer, to enjoy learning
and to enhance our creativity. These, in turn, lead to happiness and a
desire for connectivity with those around us. Just like exercise,
after a while, sometimes months, the breathing techniques become an
integral part of our lives." - Myron Scholes PhD, Nobel
Prize Winner in Economics & Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
Graduate School of Business.