What we're about

Together, we want to look at ourselves in our own mirrors!

We want to discuss some main issues in discovering ourselves.

By knowing better our sensation what are the properties of consciousness versus hallucination?

How does conscious experience happen?

How do we control and regulate experiences?

How it could affect the care of our own "wants", "attitude" and "love"?

How it could lead to a "Paradox of Choice"?

Let's explore ourselves together!

Join us on this journey and enjoy it! :)

For each event, we will have a guest speaker who is an expert in the field!

In the first event on June 16 (Failure in Discovering I), we will listen to and discuss with:
Dr. Med. Hassan Abolhassani
Medical Physician (MD), Clinical Immunologist (Ph.D.), Master of Philosophy in Science (MPhil)
Researcher at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Past events (1)

Failure in Discovering I

Lappis, Norra Djurgården, Stockholm

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