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Welcome to immaculate electronica NY (https://www.meetup.com/immaculate-electronica-NY/)!

We're here purely for the love of Electronic Dance Music. The music is our only drug! -- We love going to clubs and festivals -- We love the music and the dancing... This includes Electronic Music as a whole, and is not limited to any particular genre. For a full listing of all categories of music we enjoy, please see this link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_electronic_music_genres) :-)

We're built around several ideas that make us different from other Electronic Music meetup groups:

We Are All We Need!
First and most importantly, our meetup group was created as a place for lovers of Electronic Music to come together, socialize, and create friendships built around our love of the music and the dancing. Through this shared love, we grow closer to ourselves and each other!

Many other groups never actually "meetup".
We strive to run this group as an actual meetup group -- we truly intend to meet each other at events. While this can be hard to do at clubs, shows, and festivals we do our best to plan times and places to meetup before or during an event. A lot of us attend these events alone because our other friends do not enjoy Electronic Music... We use this site to discuss and plan events and then actually coordinate getting together to enjoy them as a group and make new friends.

It seems as if many of the groups out there exist only as advertisements.
immaculate electronica NY (https://www.meetup.com/immaculate-electronica-NY/) is not run by a venue or promoter or for any advertising purposes. There is absolutely no connection between us and any artist, club, promoter or sponsor. When promoters sometimes post events on our site we do our best to ensure they are truthful in their listings, and to make it clear that they are not regular members. If they are abusive of our site (as has happened in the past) we will remove them. We are not sponsored by anyone - the meetup fees are payed by the group organizer, or contributions from members.

This group is intended to be a collaborative effort. We are all organizers.
Organizers do our best to post events we will attend in the immediate NYC area. We strive to have no bias for particular genres of Electronic Music or venues. That said, we mostly know about events that match our personal preferences. Our group relies on you as members to attend. Every member should request an organizer to create new meetups or feel free to create your own. We hope you will be an active member and do your part to improve and organize it!

Important Notes
1. Our group is about bringing people together through music, so please treat your fellow ravers with love and respect. No form of abuse, racism, harassment, negativity, douchbaggery or other such misbehavior will not be tolerated.
2. Spam, references to drugs or any other inappropriate posts will be removed and a ban will be enforced.
3. You must have a have a clear profile picture so we know who you are and who to look for at events.
4. Pre meets - We are a close knit group and for us to maintain this we are encouraging people to attend the pre meets. If at any point you are unable to attend the pre meet kindly let our hosts know as we wouldn’t want them and everyone else waiting for you. We value our host’s time and so should you. If you are only able to attend the main event that's absolutely fine - don't forget to RSVP so we know to keep a look out for you!
5. We will remove any members who repeatedly RSVP and then fail to show up to pre meets/main events. We may also do the same for members who have been inactive for over three months. We take great pride in having an active group rather than a high member count.
6. If you experience any issues or problems, feel free to contact the organizer and we will be happy to see if we can help.
7. Relationships - It takes two (or more). If you met in this group and break up in this group, that is between the two (or more) of you. Please do not expect the group to change, remove members, revolve around your issues.

Host Tasks:
If you agree to host an event and be the main point of contact, you must carry out the following tasks:

1. Find a suitable meet up location, preferably somewhere nice and quiet (if viable) along with a time of when the group will be moving on to the venue and a time for a group photo.
2. For festivals, create a group chat one to two days before the event and post the link on the meetup page.
3. Arrive on time to the pre meet – if you are running late please let people know.
4. Introduce yourself and new arrivals to members at the pre meet (and main event when possible) be friendly and accessible. Keep track of where the group is and check the group chat at least once an hour during festivals.
5. We encourage members to provide feedback on their hosts so we can acknowledge what we are doing right and what we need to improve, so please keep this in mind.

When you have attend enough meetups and everyone is happy, you can be added to our private group. We have social gatherings, member’s parties, guest DJ's, birthday celebrations, holiday parties, and also discounted event tickets. Looking forward to many happy times!

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