Past Meetup

A Second Jamming Workshop


Due to the overwhelming response, this is an alternative date for those that missed out on the session on the 12th ( (which was initially too full).


BYO laptop with WiFi and headphones to join in.

The main requirement will not be computing or musical expertise but an interest in electronic music and a willingness to listen to each other while simply scrolling with the mouse to manipulate a sound or clicking on a grid to set random notes. I find that beginners are actually more likely to leave their ego out and enjoy the group experience.

We will be using NetPD ( which is a networked application of software called PureData ( Windows users do not need to "install" software (a "portable" version is available). Apple/Linux users do need to install.

This software is open-source, and public-domain, meaning that anyone is welcome to access the source code (which is actually a diagram... the diagram is the program) to modify it, create new instruments (and share them), and generally participate in a worldwide artistic community.

If this works out I will schedule jams monthly. Mind you we can jam any time we want on the internet, and not just with each other but anyone else on the planet. All very much in keeping with the ( community.

You can download an mp3 of the jam from our first workshop ( (thanks to subpixel ( for recording and uploading). There are plenty more jams (made by experts) that you can download from this mp3 list (;O=D). For the basics, check out these videos from the workshops I ran six years ago in Sheffield.

The creators of NetPD (Roman aka rdz, and Eni) will be joining us from Switzerland on the night to jam, to help with the jamming. Check one of Roman's projects he built using PureData (which is what NetPD is based on)...


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