What we're about

Networking is a skill that enables and create opportunities.
this community is designed to create impact in the life of its members and their respective communities.
Our events will be designed and catered to create momentum in the following domains of our social life:
- Financial Awareness: ( Investments, retirement topics, cryptos and more...)
- Maturity and responsibilities ( Environemental and social...)
- MindFullness: (Consciousness, Meditation, healing...)
- Recreational: (Art, books and travel explorations)
- Physical" (Sports, dancing and competitions...)
- Self Development: (Pitching, creativity, SME utility and market research...)
- Food and Drink Experiences

would love to see you engaging and growing your networks of friends in our community.

Welcome aboard :)

Upcoming events (4+)

Tools of Titans (Tim Ferris)

Needs a location

Spaces are limited.

  • Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers is a self-help book by Timothy Ferriss, an American writer, educational activist, and entrepreneur. He interviewed more than 100 "world class performers" in diverse fields on their advice for success -

In our book club, we read it with a twist, to discuss the lessons from influencial books and writers experiences.
We see how we can adapt the lesson into our own life, relationships and business activities.

You should join if you enjoy reading learning and business application. Great space for networking, friendships of mutual aspiring minds.


To keep a good quality discussions, we limited the reservation to 10 participants.

If your situation, changes after booking your seat. As a virtue we encourage you to release your seat and allow others to join.

Thank you

The organizers
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With the increasing hype of cryptos,
Whether it is an asset that makes money or a bluff that sucks out the money.

You will learn the different strategies that help you tame this highly volatile beast.

Build your watch list across different financial vehicles
And Futures

Identify the scams

And how to use this asset class as part of a short term and a long term portfolio.

With a live Case study, on benchmarking and entry positions

Tune in for more

Portfolio design stratrgies

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In order to build portfolios that consistently double in value in a period of 3 to 4 years you need to understand the market cycles.

In this event you will learn how to

Identify the phases of the market
how to design your portfolio to win the uptrend correlations in bullish markets
& how to diversify the downtrends in bearish markets

A case study of the current market conditions:
Interest rate
Major sectors

To achieve this objective Tune in for more

Scam awareness protocols

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We have all fallen victims to a scam once or twice and some cases a bit more.

This program is developed to discuss live cars in the purpose raise awarness, reduce scammers effect and hopefully find solutions through the network.

The time line
The bate
The location and environment
The trust establishment tactics
The transaction schemes

This knowledge can enhance our financial decision making process and build an effective future for ourselves and the community.

If you like to take a role - tune in

Will have live case discussions and lessons learned.

Tune in for more
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